software (Cs)

The Customer System (CS) software provides the most perfect technical report for our customers as an after sale services and makes it easy for them to access to their reports and knowing about their system conditions as online monitoring.

CS software includes information about industrial water parameters analysis, MBA chemicals consumption rate, corrosion rate and microbiological test result for customer’s system. This information has been entered and recorded for each customer since the beginning of cooperation. Different CS characteristic features enables users to monitor each water parameter at any desired time interval.

This software has been designed with the aim of increasing the user's authority, enhancing mutual relations through exchanging messages between MBA experts and customers, and also closer communication between customers and the MBA headquarters.
of the characteristic features of this software are as follow:

  1.  Easy access to all cooling and heating system records.
  2.  Sending daily notification to inform customers of the results of analyses through text messages.
  3.  Sending monthly technical reports automatically via email.
  4.  Providing Excel, jpeg, png and Pdf format of data as Cs outputs.
  5.  Easy access to coupon pictures gallery as monthly report.
  6.  Providing technical calculator.

- Arabic version of Cs software was develped and it's availabe for Arabic customers.

CS Application in ios and android:
CS application have been designed and launched with the aim of facilitating the customers' access to personal profiles, daily analysis reports and results of monthly tests. in order to download and install this application in ios and android, please search the phrase "mbaco" via Appstore and Bazar applications respectively, or use one of the following links:

 Ios version: Please click on this link to download ios version.

 Android version: Please click on this link to download android version.

Since MBA Company is pioneer of designing technical softwares for water treatment industry in Iran, it’s highly appreciated if help us to track CS software bugs to improve customer services.