Since end of 2000 Dr. Seyed Mohammad Seyedrazi together with his research group has started performing several studies on corrosion and scales inhibitors regarding industrial water. The results of performed studies have caused to present defined formulation for such inhibitors and the test on above items in laboratory pilots containing industrial simulated water had acceptable results. All of these attempts caused to launch MBA knowledge-base Company in 2000. But the complementary studies on these chemicals with the aim of developing and improving the quality of products, still continues during the upcoming years considering the guidance of Dr. Seyedrazi that  has led MBA products have equal quality and consumption rate in comparison with the foreign brands.

- MBA annual production capacity has been around 50 tons during the primary years and this rate has been increased significantly since 2011 to almost 1000 tons.

- MBA productions are 4 kinds of corrosion and scale inhibitors, algaecide, coalescing and cleaning chemicals.