After Sales Services


1. Sending technical experts to monitor cooling systems and boilers according to the schedule.

2. Installing the corrosion rock for couponing in order to estimate and monitor the general corrosion and scale in the system.

3. Measurement of instantaneous corrosion by corrator.

4. Sending variety of microbial kits such as FeB, SRB, TBC, Fungi, Legionella and Nitrificant.

5. Sending standard coupons of corrosion, scale and bio film.

6. Free consultation on corrosion and scale controlling in different systems such as cooling tower, steam boiler and… .

7. Holding training courses associated with control, prevention and improvement of different water circulatory systems.

8. Providing daily, weekly and monthly technical reports to the technical officials.

9. Direct communication with officials and presenting proper solutions.

10. Analyzing the systems states and presenting practical solutions considering the abilities of the operator.