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MBA is one of the few knowledge-based chemical producer that received approved of the science & technology vice presidancy to produce & localize chemical additive for industrial water in iran. This Company is a producer of ECO corrosion and scale inhibitors for industrial water such as cooling tower systems, boilers, reverse osmosis (RO) and closed circuits. MBA products for mentioned systems are phosphate based corrosion inhibitor (boiler, cooling tower), nitrate and molybdate based (closed circuit), dispersant, biocide, algaecide and bactericide, deaerator and amine (boiler) and antiscalant (RO). MBA Company has been able to save water while minimizing scales in critical parts of systems such as exchangers, condensers and jacket reactors. The main MBA customers are steel industries, petrochemicals, copper industries, power plants and plastic industries.

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Our Products

Products related to corrosion and sediment control

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Please download and complete the technical data questionnaire in order to get technical consultation for maintenance and operation of steam boilers, cooling system, RO and etc and send it to MBA Company via fax or e-mail.

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Software Cs

Software Cs

The Customer System (CS) software provides the most perfect technical report for our customers as an after sale services and makes it easy for them to access to their reports and knowing about their system conditions as online monitoring.

CS software includes information about industrial water parameters analysis, MBA chemicals consumption rate, corrosion rate and microbiological test result for customer’s system. This information has been entered and recorded for each customer since the beginning of cooperation. Different CS characteristic features enables users to monitor each water parameter at any desired time interval.

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What we do?

What do we do?
We produce proper inhibitors in order to be used in industrial water with the aim of development and spreading use of domestic production and also considering wide range of researches. We also ease reaching international standards by correct controlling and monitoring of industrial water.

What do you do?
You as our honorable customers would be our back toward supporting domestic companies in our difficult way.
We are those who bring honors and advantages for Iran, with nice cooperation regarding all of industrial activities.


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